I’ve been in love before, and honestly, IT SUCKED. Seriously, being in love with someone who does not return those feelings is emotional hell! I won’t bore you with the details today, but I will say I’m grateful that I survived. Now I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m constantly bombarded with those questions that all single women hate. “You ain’t married yet?” Clearly, are you wouldn’t be asking me this question! “So when are you getting married?” If I knew the answer to that, would we really be having this conversation? “So, when are you going to get married, and have some babies?” At this point in the conversation, my irritation level has moved beyond words and I’m trying my best to remember to respect my elders.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have reached a point where I’m okay with being single. I don’t always like the feelings associated with it, but I’m happy being me; yet when I’m approached by these “well-meaning” people I can’t help the frustration that arises. I’m not living my life in a perpetual state of loneliness, nor do I spend every waking minute longing for a mate. I’m not at every church, restaurant, mall, etc. looking for a man. Yes, I do want to be in a relationship, and feel Love for that special someone. I want a Love that will see all of me, and love me because of what it has seen.

So, I echo the sentiments of Chrisette Michele:

I’m so ready to love, I’m so ready to promise my whole all, and I’m so ready to give til’ the day that my life is no more. I’ll be everything that this woman could possibly be, yes I will; ‘cause I’m ready to be like the olden days when commitment was golden.

On June 26, 2010, my parents will be celebrating 39 years of marriage. My view of what a relationship should be  is based on watching my parents live and love for all of my 29 years of life. Some have suggested that these types of marriages are no longer possible, and that I’m deluding myself for believing that I can enjoy this same time of happiness and longevity. You can call me a romantic or even idealistic, but I believe that not only is it possible but that it will happen for me. So, until the time comes, I will be living my life, loving my friends and family, and enjoying this journey.

Make It Plain!


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