Friends…how many of us have them!

My friend came to visit today; she is my oldest but not so dear. We’ve been friends for so long and we’ve never gotten along, yet no matter how I try I can’t bid this friend goodbye. When I’m strong, this friend makes me weak, in times of happiness, this friend makes me weep. Some have wondered, while analyzing this relationship, why I have not bid this friend a fond adieu. Honestly I have often wished that such a dream might just come true. However, when I look back in retrospect, I must admit that this friendship does have its benefits. For this friend reminds me that I am WOMAN, a unique and interesting creation. Most importantly, in light of all the people who I have called “friend,” this is the friend who has never let me down. So, friend, hope you enjoy your stay and I will wait for the day that you go away.

Make it plain!


3 thoughts on “Friends…how many of us have them!”

  1. lol, nice spin..I was thinking at 1st WHO is she talking about, but now I know. I know one thing for certain that you don’t stand alone quite a few of us would agree with you WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!

  2. I love this blog!!! I think we have the same friend and as you so eloquently put it; I to can’t wait until we bid this friend adieu.

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