I Wish I Had a Praying Church

I am a preacher, hopefully everyone knows that by now! As such, I enjoying preparing, preaching, and hearing sermons. With that in mind I’ve decided to occasionally share clips of some of my favorite preachers, both male and female.

For this first post in this category I deemed it proper to showcase my Pastor, the Rev. Dr. John R. Adolph; pastor of the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Beaumont, TX! Pastor Adolph and his lovely wife, Dorrie, are the parents of  two  children, Sumone and Jonathan. He is an honor graduate of my alma mater, The Interdenominational Theological Center!

Check us out www.antiochbmt.org and Enjoy! Please feel free to comment and critique!

Make It Plain!


2 thoughts on “I Wish I Had a Praying Church”

  1. pastor Sculark i would love to hear your sermon in full content especially on how far women have come in all they gifts that God has provided

    1. This blog does not belong to Pastor Sculark. I showcased this video from her because she is one of my favorite preachers..you probably could contact her at her church’s website. Thank you

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