Maranda Curtis Live

A lot of changes are taking place in my life now which has consumed all the time that I would like to spend blogging. Those changes will be discussed at some point, as I strive to always keep the word plain! I carved out some time to promote an awesome and anointed woman. She has been amazingly gifted and now has the opportunity to share her gift with the world. Oh, she is also my BFFF! Although, I won’t be able attend the recording, I will be there in heart and mind. If you are anywhere near the Charlotte area, you should take the opportunity to experience what is guaranteed to be an awesome worship experience.

BFFF – I borrow the words of Paul to the church in Corinth: Eye has not seen, nor ear has heard; no mind has conceived what God has prepared for YOU! Congratulations!


7 thoughts on “Maranda Curtis Live”

  1. Yay sis!!!! I’m so excited for you, hopefully this’ll be the last big event we miss 🙂 love you and it’s my prayer that the presence of God fills that place!! We love you!!!

    1. Aww thank you sooooo much BFFF!!! *TEARS* You rock! I know your praying for us. Thank you! I couldn’t ask for a BETTER FRIEND!! See you in ATL!

  2. I had the pleasure of attending the recording on Saturday, and OMG!! Like we say in Charleston, “That gal can sang”. It was an absolute blessing to be within the sound of her voice, like it is every Sunday and Thursday. Truly a gift from God!!!

  3. Maranda……………..God blesssss you and I loveee you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!Please email me the date and info for the VIP conference new artist search….I tried to add you on facebook….but you had to many friends! 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading my blog post! This is not Maranda! I am a friend of hers which is why I decided to showcase her recording. I will try to get her your information and I am sure that she appreciates your love and support.

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