When Jesus Comes

Preface: This blog is not an endeavor to explore the eschatological view of the Second Coming of Christ. Instead it is an exploration into the awesomeness of Jesus’ entrance into life’s situations and circumstances.

One man sat alone by the highway begging; his eyes were blind, the light he could not see. He clutched his rags, and shivered in the shadows. Then Jesus came and bade his darkness flee. When Jesus comes, all Satan’s power is broken. When Jesus comes, all tears are wiped away. He’ll take the gloom, and fill your life with glory; for all is changed when Jesus comes to stay. – Sarah Jordan Powell

I will admit that I have days where the stresses of life beat me down; on these days I sometimes find it difficult to encourage myself. These are the times when I have to spend moments of solitude in God’s presence. I was having one of those days, not too long ago, and decided to play this song. There really are not enough words to describe what happens when Psalm 30:5 becomes an actuality in your life. In that moment when afternoon shifts into evening, I experienced the joy that comes in the morning.

I had to share not just this testimony, but this song because it brought me back to that epiphany moment that I experienced. One day I sat alone begging, I was so wrapped in despair that I could not even stand to see the light. I had become so adjusted to the darkness that I was able to navigate like everything was just fine.  I had accepted this state as normal; I was stuck, stagnate, and seemingly satisfied. Then Jesus came, and darkness began to flee; people who meant me no good, suddenly stopped coming around. The phone stopped ringing; instant messages suddenly stopped popping up. The things that I thought I liked suddenly became sour and bitter. He took my gloom: the sadness, sorrow, selfishness, anger, pride, and low self-esteem, and filled my life with glory. I was able to lift my hands and rejoice, open my mouth and preach, and look in the mirror and recognize the beauty that was on the inside. I recognized that I didn’t have to conform to societies expectations of me, instead I could embrace my uniqueness.

All truly has changed in my life because I let Jesus come to stay. Every day hasn’t been easy, yet I am able to face the day with a sense of hope and expectation. I have discovered that life truly is worth the living because He Lives.

Make It Plain!


One thought on “When Jesus Comes”

  1. I love it Diandra!!!! You have just blessed my morning and now I feel like going on!!! Thank you for posting this blog!!

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