To the bat cave…

There are times in my life where I need complete isolation from other people, and their “stuff.” Normally, this happens when I reach a point where I have been overwhelmed with other’s thoughts, emotions, and baggage; and when I have not been able to share my own thoughts, and emotions. The Uppity Negro would joke with me and tell me I had retreated to the bat cave. This doesn’t happen all the time, just select times in my journey when I often can’t see my way clearly. Often times I feel like a trash heap: a place where people come to dump their stuff. It’s not fair, and I become overwhelmed with frustration and anger. So instead of blowing up and releasing this anger on others, I normally retreat to a quiet place, turn on some Billie Holiday, and release all frustration, resentment, and anger. Today would normally be  one of those times, but I have no place to go. So I will try to deal without releasing on other people…Pray for me!


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