Sometimes I’m not able to vocalize all of my thoughts and feelings to people. It can be frustrating to have things to say, and not be able to put them into words. Yet, I have discovered a way to share myself with my loved ones, and even the world. With my pen/keyboard, I am able to express anger, frustration, sadness, gratefulness, love, and even respect. When I write I release all the stuff that overwhelms, I can let go of all the emotions that bombard me. When I write I reconnect with the parts of myself that I don’t allow people to see. I can reveal the secrets that I am afraid to reveal to even my closest friends or family. With my pen/keyboard, I can finally reveal my innermost desires for you! When I write I feel closer to the God I love. I enter into a place of worship and communion where I am able to speak to God, and in return God speaks to me! For me, it is an act of worship and service to God who has given me life, and who loves me with an unconditional love.

I write of pain and pleasure! I write of sorrow and joy! I write of rain and sunshine! I write of tears and fears! I write of hate and love! I write of despair and hope!  I write for freedom! I write!

I write to Make It Plain!


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