Where Shall I Go From Your Presence?

As previously shown I am an admirer of the writings of the great theologian Howard Thurman. While reading For the Inward Journey, in one of my seminary classes we examined one of his writings based on Psalm 139, entitled “Whither Shall I Go from Thy Presence?”

This is how it reads:

Whither shall I go from Thy Presence? From thee is there some hiding place? The deed is a thing so private, so inside the prefect working of desire that its inward part seems known to me, to me alone. The ebb and flow of thoughts within my hidden sea, the forms that stir within the channels of my mind, keep tryst with all my hidden hopes and fears. The ties that hold me fast to those whose life with mine makes one, The tangled twine that binds my life with things I claim as mine, are held in place by folds of my embrace. The sealed stillness that walls around the heartaches and the pain, is held against all else that would invade. Awe-filled contrition emptied clear of violence and sin, seeps slowly from the wilderness of my deserted soul. Almighty joy mounts to the brim and overflows in wild array, with music only ears attuned can hear. And yet, always I know that another sees and understands every vigil with me keeps watch. The door through which He comes no man can shut, He is the Door! I cannot go from Thy Presence, there is no hiding place from Thee.

This begins with a question, “Where can I go…” Even the places I go to be away from others, God is still there. The thoughts and ideas that I keep hidden from others, God sees and knows. Through the walls of protection I have erected, God sees and understands. There is such reassurance in this statement because even when I don’t believe other people can relate to me, God sees and understands. It ends with a statement; there is no place that I can go. As it says in the Psalm, if I go into the heavens, God is there, and if I made my bed in hell, God is there. God is there even in the hidden parts of me. I cannot close God out by closing the door, because God is the Door!

Make It Plain!


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