I Shall Live!

Tomorrow commences the 10 year Ministry celebration for my friend and brother, Pastor Jamil VanJuan Willis. Jamil and I met while we were both students at the Interdenominational Theological Center. Originally we were just passing acquaintances, and then we became the closest of friends. I am just so grateful that God thought enough of me to bring such a great man into my life and ministry. I have learned so much through my relationship with Jamil, and it is because of him that I met my BFFF, his wife, Maranda.

The celebration will include three nights of Dynamic Preaching from: Prophetess Francine Riley, Apostle Kobee Fitzgerald, and Pastor Jason Nelson! It concludes with a Late-Night Musical that will be simply bananas!!! The guest for the musical are: Shawn Bigby and Yielded Vessels, Elliott Ellerson, Destined 2 Praise, Hasan Green, Nicholas Stroud and These are They, and Maranda Curtis-Willis.

If you are anywhere in the surrounding areas, you need to make plans to be here! Check out the flyers, put the address in your GPS, and get HERE! You will be blessed, and your life will never be the same!

Pastor Jamil: I will quote the Psalmist, “You shall not die, but LIVE and declare the works of the Lord! Love you!



2 thoughts on “I Shall Live!”

  1. Diandra-

    WOW! I enjoyed this. It’s rare that I enjoy things written about me, which provoked me to release things BY me. Thanks for your words. I appreciate them. I’m glad that God’s will destined our paths to cross and relationship to form. This means a lot and I pray people can see the sincereity of our relationship with God through our friendship, ministry relationship and covenant with each other. Yeah, thanks for everything.

    -it’s ME

    1. Diandra…………YOU ROCK!!!! I’m so glad to know you and I’m glad that you’re my friend! Looking forward to our future! I’m looking forward to this week. We appreciate you!!!

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