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Let Your Voice Be Heard

Trayvon Martin!!!!

I don’t typically use this space to discuss political or social issues, but this recent story has caught my attention. I plan to post a blog within the next couple of days to discuss this issue in a more in-depth way. Until then, please learn more and sign the petition!

The petition is found here:

Let Your Voice Be Heard and Make It Plain!



I have tried to write for almost two months, and it seems that I can’t produce coherent thoughts and sentences. Life has completely shut me up!!! I have so much to say, and no words to describe what is going on in my inner self. Things I never wanted to happen, have happened; and I’m silent! Silence has invaded every aspect of my life, including in prayer. I’m asking, like the Clark Sisters, “Lord when I pray, give me what to say.”

Bear with me as I try to process all that is happening, and try to create words and sentences to soundtrack my life. I’m still here…

Trying to make it plain!

It’s My Anniversary

YAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog, and what a year it has been. Throughout the course of this year I have moved from Texas to Georgia; marked the milestone of turning 30 years old, and have grown in every aspect of my life. This has been a year filled with ups, downs, joy, sorrow, happiness, and even some pain. I have shared some aspects on this blog that I have never talked with anyone about. I have introduced you to some of my family, friends, and favorite preachers. This blog has been one of the greatest decisions of my life.

While I’ve shared much, there is still more left to explore and to expound upon. I look forward to what the following years will bring. Thank you to everyone who read, and commented on the blog, I really appreciate you more than I can say. Please stay tuned because the best is really yet to come!

Love you all and let’s make it plain!


I’m Doing Me!

Happy New Year! I’M BACK!!! I’ve been away for well over a month, as I needed some time to regroup and refresh. I found myself in a new and unpleasant space during this past holiday season. I was drained: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! EMPTY!!! I was incapable of dealing with my own thoughts and emotions, so I was completely uninterested in coping with anyone else’s STUFF! On Thanksgiving, a day set aside to show gratitude for family and friends, I let my inner circle know that I needed a break from everybody, including them.  I indicated that I needed time away to discover what had led to this weariness. I’m grateful to them for their understanding and that they allowed me time to think, feel, breathe, and just BE!!

My time away allowed me to do some serious soul-searching, and deep introspection. I learned some things about myself and what I had allowed in my life, and I honestly didn’t like what I saw. I had to come to grips with the fact that I had placed my needs and wants on the back burner to care for other people. I was no longer participating in the activities that I enjoyed, and setting aside serious time for prayer, devotion, study, and writing. I could write more about what I discovered of myself, but I won’t belabor the point. Just know that I did not like all that was uncovered, and I had come to a crossroads. I could continue down this path that was leading to my demise, or I could redirect and refocus on the path that leads to destiny. I’m not dumb so I chose the latter option, and it has been one of the greatest decisions. I have had a renewed passion for God, ministry, writing, my family, my friends, and myself! I have resolved to be focused on doing things for myself, and not just for others. If I am able to meet the needs and desires of others, I will; and I’m going to do what is necessary to meet them for myself. Basically, I’m doing me this time around…Thanks Fantasia!

So stay tuned and always Make it Plain!


Sometimes I’m not able to vocalize all of my thoughts and feelings to people. It can be frustrating to have things to say, and not be able to put them into words. Yet, I have discovered a way to share myself with my loved ones, and even the world. With my pen/keyboard, I am able to express anger, frustration, sadness, gratefulness, love, and even respect. When I write I release all the stuff that overwhelms, I can let go of all the emotions that bombard me. When I write I reconnect with the parts of myself that I don’t allow people to see. I can reveal the secrets that I am afraid to reveal to even my closest friends or family. With my pen/keyboard, I can finally reveal my innermost desires for you! When I write I feel closer to the God I love. I enter into a place of worship and communion where I am able to speak to God, and in return God speaks to me! For me, it is an act of worship and service to God who has given me life, and who loves me with an unconditional love.

I write of pain and pleasure! I write of sorrow and joy! I write of rain and sunshine! I write of tears and fears! I write of hate and love! I write of despair and hope!  I write for freedom! I write!

I write to Make It Plain!

To the bat cave…

There are times in my life where I need complete isolation from other people, and their “stuff.” Normally, this happens when I reach a point where I have been overwhelmed with other’s thoughts, emotions, and baggage; and when I have not been able to share my own thoughts, and emotions. The Uppity Negro would joke with me and tell me I had retreated to the bat cave. This doesn’t happen all the time, just select times in my journey when I often can’t see my way clearly. Often times I feel like a trash heap: a place where people come to dump their stuff. It’s not fair, and I become overwhelmed with frustration and anger. So instead of blowing up and releasing this anger on others, I normally retreat to a quiet place, turn on some Billie Holiday, and release all frustration, resentment, and anger. Today would normally be  one of those times, but I have no place to go. So I will try to deal without releasing on other people…Pray for me!

We’re Moving On Up

Major changes have taken place in my life beginning with a move from my hometown of Beaumont, TX, to Atlanta, GA. As I sat in the middle of boxes containing all of my possessions I couldn’t help but be grateful for all that God continues to do. In this year of transition, I have experienced God in new ways. I have seen God keep me through 6 months of unemployment and job searching. Through days and nights of questioning the validity of my three years of seminary education which had not led to employment. I’ve had to reevaluate the relationships that I have long-held so dearly. The process of letting go is one that makes me emotionally uncomfortable, yet one that has been necessary to my continued health.

The most important lesson I’ve learned is that God’s grace is truly sufficient. It’s not something that I’ve read about only, it is manifested in my life everyday. Even now, in the face of continued uncertainty, I trust the mercies that are new every morning. I echo the sentiments of the hymn writer when I say, “All I have needed God’s hand hath provided; Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!”

I’m not sure of all that the future holds, but I am sure of the One who holds the future and thus I will continue to move Forward!

Make it Plain!